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Fourth love letter to me.

Good morning, Shantelle. I’m here, I’m sorry I sit back sometimes. I feel lazy sometimes. Tired. But I know you need the connection all the time. I know you need me to be connected to me. I’m working at it all the time. I get distracted by the trance-y things, the worries, the pattern I of waiting around for something it’s not gonna happen. In the moment I remember you, I think of you, I breathe and try to feel you.I will try to do that many times today. I love you.

Good luck with your chapters. Good luck with doing the important things that you want to do today. I know you’re fitting in everything you can. Don’t forget to take the silent moments. I’ll be there right beside you.


Beautiful you journal day 11-what is inside his body

Where is most important about who IM is what is inside this party of mine, but people cannot see.

what is in this body of mine?

Memories and fears, courage and persistence. Hope, ideals, loneliness,tenderness, resentment, need, talent, ambition.

Beautiful You – Day 4 Journal

How has body image affected my daily life Outlook?

I feel some pressure in daily life, and in my relationships with other people because I have a tall slim stature. People judge me in a way that I assume that I am somehow privilege with my body type, and that it means something about who I am, or how good I feel about myself. I’ve experienced a lot ofnegative reactions from other people. Not negative feedback about my body, but negative reactions in their comments. Like, they make funny/sarcastic comments about the fact that I stayed to finish for so many years, and they hate me for it.that’s just the people I do know. The people I don’t know look at me in a negative way because they resent how I look, and they think that they can’t get a hang of their own body health orfitness, or find comfort in their own body. Sometimes it’s gotten so much so that I don’t actually want to spend time with those people.
I feel so many different things from day to day that I think are affected by my body image. I do feel pressure to keep physically fit. But that’s a personal pressure based on insecurities and judgments of myself and sometimes other people.I do feel like my physical appearance is in in vintage in some situations, but not in most situations.
As a good older my body image has improved in some ways, and I’ve discovered that I can explore a lot more as I am physically fit. I can explore a lot more in terms of physical Kiliti activities and exercises. But I can also explore a lot more in terms ofImage and being creative with how I look.

Would’ve been my challenges and Tryants with body image overtime?

Whatever tonight and allowed myself because of my perception of my appearance?

How is my personality change because of my perception of my appearance?
What have a gained or lost because of my body image?