Connections? Yep, I make them.

I do make them.
I do feel lots and lots of things.

I thought that all of those things were wrong or unnatural, or bad….because of the ways that people reacted to me when I was very young. And then as I grew older.

So, at a very early age, I began to punish myself for having all of those feelings, feeling all of those connections. All of it.

None of it was wrong. I didn’t know what to do with any of it because those who were supposed to care for me and guide me were busy doing other things.

Now, I am faced with more of my truths than ever before, no one to guide me in how to live with them from moment to moment.

Only some new insights.

My connections are true.

They are so varied.

And they are different with everyone.

Some of those connections…I should not pursue very far. Some of them I should.

All of them are creating me somehow.

If others do not like my connection with them, that is their thing. It doesn’t mean that the connection I feel with them is wrong. It just means that we are not on the same wavelength at the moment.

Others can’t seem to ‘get’ a connection with me. Because they are not connected with themselves. (Like, my mother.) I keep myself safe from those.


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