I am the Supervisor – I am connected with the Universe!

I oversee myself – and the Universe oversees me…

I have been scared to get out of bed all of these years because…it has not felt safe. And I have not felt authorized to do anything.

When I was a kid my actions and feelings and being was so policed that I developed a complex. I was careful about EVERYTHING and EVERYone and I am still that way. I know more, and I know how to do more and I run in different circles and bigger circles, but I only broadened my horizons ‘relatively’. I have still be afraid to get out of bed. I have still been afraid to take initiative and speak and do and act and feel out loud.

Because I have yearned for someone to supervise me, watch over me. Call me in for dinner and take care of the things about myself that I was not able to take care of before.

And because I was afraid that I was completely alone as a result of no supervision.

Even in the last couple of weeks are began to see outside of all of this. In the last many months I ‘saw’ the ‘supervision’ paradigm…as a paradigm… Something I constructed. The reason for why I have stayed in school for all of this time.

But I needed to make the rest of the links.

I Supervise me

I have a connection to the world, just like everyone else.

How does that look in practice?? Hm?!

Let us just see now then.


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