Monthly Archives: March 2017

This is THAT day.

Today is the day I realized that I am somewhere besides unloved. I am not unloved at this moment. I am no longer in that situation I was of being unloved. I am miles away from it. I have love, I am love, I feel love, I think about love, I write about love. In the past I accepted being unloved. I won’t now. I welcome only loving people into my life. And I am detach from being unloved.


The Quintessential Codependent Sheds Her Patterns….slowly…

These are the writings of a girl who knows a guy not very well and who knows that she is coming to think somewhat obsessively…and wants to reflect on it and pull herself out… What a powerful pattern it is…Codependence

“What’s going to happen if I don’t talk to Gave soon? Like right now? He will get to do whatever he wants and not pay attention to my feelings, plans needs, wants.

I will not get what I want from him.

This feeling of heat and electricity tingles…zoned out and emotional…overwhelmed and paralyzed…

I think I deserve to feel like this…?! I think I am supposed to feel this? I think is is ok for me to feel that way? That is…if they don’t make me feel like that…I think that there is no connection?

Quiet and unexciting means no connection?”