Monthly Archives: December 2016

Personal Truth and Self-Fulfillment Coaching


Do you know, either deep inside or for a fact that you are not facing some truth(s) about yourself?

Do you know for a fact that you are trapped in certain behaviors or habits because you just can not seem to let go of something that at you want to be true but you know isn’t?

Do you have a feeling that you are an incredibly powerful person who can do incredibly helpful, influential and powerful things if only you could get past these seemingly invisible personal blocks?

When would you like to start to make that change?


Love these questions from Daily Om…

Have you ever been afraid of someone’s reaction… and then did not speak your truth?

Are you holding secrets from people in your life because you are afraid of their reactions?

Did you know that you are hurting your body, mind and spirit when you take this kind of responsibility?

Are you willing to take the risk to speak your truth to the people you love?

How Positive Thinking and Not Giving a Fuck Can Go Hand In Hand

So, there is no end to resources that teach you how to look at your life and yourself in a more positive light, to see all events, relationships, feelings as having a productive and even helpful purpose. And then there are resources like this book called “The subtle art of not giving a f*ck”.

I have to say, I feel there is some compatibility there.