I Have Done Enough

No one is looking elsewhere because I am not enough.

The earth is holding me and paying attention to me; I am everything I need to be.

Earth is not looking elsewhere. I am the centre of its attention. Because I am a whole piece of the earth. I have already satisfied the criteria to be alive.

When people look at me, they are not looking for something. They are just looking at me. I am free of others’ needs to find whatever they are missing.

When people look to me to make something feel right or complete I turn and put my focus on what I am required to do to stay even with me.

My belief that others’ seeking elsewhere is a sign of my inadequacy is a lie. It is a lie. Others’ have not yet noticed what they have. THEY have not noticed that they have everything they need.

My job is to give them space to come to that realization for themselves.

And my job is to let go of the lie that…I cost them something. And to let go of the lie that I am not enough when I am around them. Let go of the lie that it is because of me that they do not feel satisfied, relaxed, content…




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