Ashamed of My Innocence.

It is the one thing that they love, admire, look tenderly upon. A child’s innocence. But I was hated for it. They hated me for it. So I became ashamed. Ashamed of the clearest, cleanest, most genuine part of me.

Don’t show awe. Don’t show no wherewithal. Don’t show that you don’t know. Don’t laugh and have fun with the simplest things.

Hide your learning process. Hide your personal process. Hide the 1000’s of genuine feeling expressions that you have every day.

Because they make you not good enough for it.

I am a woman now, and I plan to unearth my innocence, my true enjoyment of the silliest, simplest, most mundane things. And I am an adult now. So I am not squashable.

They can bite me.



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