Hate Decisions Right Now

I don’t know what to write about. I really need to do some just writing. And I feel like I have nothing worthy of saying.

I made japanese style eggs this morning (scrambled omelette with a little bit of sugar) and my regular berry smoothie (bananas, berries, flax, peanut butter, almond milk, kale). Before that I had already read some up-lifting things…about meditation and prayer, done yoga (starting gentle and then going for flexibility –byTaraStiles-and then a headstand), and then I doddled on youtube…Found one of my favorite channels on the scientific research being done on nutrition, and then this cool little channel called Life Where I’m From.

After that I got my ass up off the floor to take a bath.

Feeling freaked about feeling unfocused, nervous about a meeting I have about a job today, overloaded with ‘things’ to do in my home. I feel like there are always loose ends…that never, ever get tied up. And concentrating on one thing leaves me so freaked out about the other 47 things I am neglecting in those moments.

I am writing, which is good. I am not focused. But I’ll keep writing anyway.


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