“My Dad Doesn’t Love Me Enough”

What if I really believe it? What if the information that contradicts that doesn’t convince me of that? When I think of something that is an indication that “My Dad loves me enough” I get a sick feeling in my stomach…like a gut feeling that ‘that is not right’ ‘that is dangerous’ ‘ someone is trying to trick me into something. As I started to get closer to that feeling I started to feel more vulnerable. What is that feeling? What is it about? It is old and young. It is visceral, and…upset ness. It is upsetness. Feelings that never got the floor. That were swept und rugs, many of them. That were so neglected it is like they never existed.

When I listened to Laura’s story about her Dad and her belief that he doesn’t love her, I wanted to support her. When she said should couldn’t believe that he loves her enough, I wanted to say, that’s ok. You don’t have to believe it. And you don’t have to believe that he loves you enough for YOU. You only are asked to believe that he loves you ‘enough’… Enough for him. Enough for someone else. Enough for ‘someone’. Not enough for you.



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