A Question

What gives me the highest value and satisfaction in my work?

I wrote this question down weeks ago with the understanding that the answer would come to me. I didn’t want to force it. Or answer the question intellectually.

And this morning when the question popped up as a ‘reminder’ from my calendar, I began to feel the answer.

Something that gives me the highest value and satisfaction in my work as a yoga teacher, and now as a personal yoga teacher giving personalized hot stone, yoga, and thai massage sessions, is the connection with people, the feeling I have about what they need and my ability to do something about that using a combination of my own personal experience with physical injury and pain, physical discomfort, injury, tension, wear and tear, neglect, and my years and years of knowledge about my body, and about others’ experience with  unnecessary dependency on drugs or 15-minute treatments rather than exercise and self-care (stretching, and other simple exercises).

I think I feel so satisfied giving people the simple self-care answers and guidance. And all it takes is for them to get used to the fact that there are simple self-care answers, and that when they are out of answers all they have to do is ask me, or research a little.

We are such a ‘bandaid’ society, that I can have a real niche here…

It is this personal understanding that makes me feel great though, that makes this a possibility.




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