Digging to find Gems

Yesterday, as I was listening to this book, The Big Leap” I felt like I was closer to being able to answer these questions. Today the answers are hiding.

I just listened to the section again… The thing I am supposed to do is “wonder” about them, not “think”. Wonder like when I am looking up into the sky at night and coming back to the understanding of how real those stars are, how real the unimaginable distance is between us and everything else in the universe…and how I wonder how it can be that I am here seeing and feeling a reality that is so small yet so significant at the same time. I

  1. In my work, (I wonderI) what produces the highest value and satisfaction?
  2. (I wonder) What do I do that doesn’t feel like work?
    • researching
  3. (I wonder) What do I most love to do? (I wonder) What can I do for the longest time without getting bored.
    • discoveries I help people make
    • my discoveries
  4. (I wonder) What is my unique ability?
    • attentiveness
    • reflection
    • facilitator, catalyst
    • making people feel like they belong

“I’m at my best when I’m _____” I wonder what I am doing when I am at my best.

If is much more fun to ask these questions with wonder. It transforms the exercise from a ‘task’ to an activity.

Fun vs. work.



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