My Game.

Life is not a game. But we play games in life. I allow life to be a game sometimes, which is often painful. Today I did a “One-Belief-At-A-Time” worksheet. And I realised, in worrying about what someone else things of my experience, words, etc., without having met me, I was playing their game…or the game of doubt, codependence, guilt, victimization.

That game involves me thinking thoughts about my alleged inadequacy, my alleged lack of knowledge and ability. Proving myself to some outside perspective. Thoughts about how someone else is better, smarter, more insightful, more fitting, more in control…

My game is different. The game I truly want to play is simply a game of playing myself. And my desire is to be gentle, listen, demonstrate assuredness, patience, simplicity, freedom of spirit, be resourceful and knowledgeable, helpful, supportive.

My game doesn’t require anyone else to do anything at all. I get in touch with what my true game is — and I play. Enjoy.



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