What Does that mean???

fill your cup

Filling my cup =

  • Drink Water when I wake up in the morning – 500ml first thing (at whatever temperature makes it easier to drink in its totality.
  • Protein, fiber, and High oxidant fruits in the morning: eggs, (japanese style :-), or boiled, or poached, or fried…!!), peanut butter in my strawberry, raspberry, or blueberry smoothie. And even greens in my smoothie or under my eggs on my plate.
  • Kindly prepare myself for what tasks I have on my plate today, and every day. Give myself the time needed to do each individual task, or the mini tasks that will help me get that done. Give myself the rest that will give me the energy to do what I need to do each day.
  • take the time to notice and sit with Little S first thing in the morning, some other time during the day, and last thing at night.
  • go to meetings
  • teach yoga
  • go to a yoga class or any kind of lesson
  • share time with a friend
  • call someone who cares
  • get some exercise – good heart-pumping exercise




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