I Feel Very Unfeeling

I don’t know exactly why. Maybe because I continue to put a lot of energy into hiding my feelings. I was on a coaching call today with a number of people and as usual I had not submitted a formal request for help the couple of days beforehand. And during the call I did not ask to say something. I did speak up and say ‘hi’ at the beginning though. Which is more than I have done in the past usually.

I few other people spoke during the meeting and I think I felt increasingly bad as I listened to people speak up. I think it was also arrogance.

I am in the Step 7 phase of ‘Recovery’. Step 6 and step 7 have been the most challenging I perhaps have ever done in the way of personal exploration and emotional work… Learning the difference between self-reliance (isolation) and reliance on the source, or God, or whatever you would like to refer to ‘it’ as.

I am writing up notes tonight, notes I have made to myself at different moments so that I would not forget the small revelations I was having in the moment. I think they reveal both feeling and arrogance… It’s probably a good idea to share them.

I have been (and often continue to be) very obsessive in my life and relationships.

  • I used to obsess over the things that G would do that would demonstrate how disloyal he was to me; like showing other people things I wrote to him; letting his kids think or feel something based on stories or events that were not true.
  • I feel like I am a fraud with some people.
  • I did and often still fear that
    • I was not nice (enough) to G
    • that my letters and other things I did were crazy
    • that I come across as mean and unloving
  • I have had to spell things out for myself, like;
    • If he doesn’t call it means it is not important to him to talk to me.
  • I would obsess over his lack of communication thinking things like;
    • he is lying to me
    • he is off somewhere bad
    • he is drinking somewhere
  • I would get caught up in controlling where he was
    • in controlling how he felt about doing what he was doing
  • I was addicting to policing him.
  • I had myself trapped in past trauma;
    • I felt panic or oppressed when G said ‘don’t do the dishes’, you’re making me feel___! I would do them later — scared of something, of the consequences of doing what I felt like. I didn’t ever think outside of the box – what would happen if I did the dishes? He will ream at me? I will die from the pain of him being angry at me? It hurts to do things without help? It hurts to have my efforts disapproved of by someone I care about?
  • Where did my own routine go? Did I ever have one? Have I ever lived based on what I felt was right for me and not in reaction to someone else’s potential discomfort?
  • How do I just ‘do me’?
  • I am angry, I am scared.

The truth is also that…

  • I have been VERY nice in my past relationship.
  •  More than that, I have been splendid, loyal, attentive, caring, forgiving, patient, funny, strong…
  • I am tired becasue I have been nice too much for too long. Because I have given everything away.
  • Just because he should be nice to me doesn’t mean he will or has to…
  • I love him even when i do things that are only good for me. I still care.

I am rife with issues, obviously.

I am not the biggest thing in his life. He is trying to survive his own issues. Like I am.

How do I come to care about my own feelings. Or show I care, to myself, so that I don’t need his attention…the kind of attention, patience, consideration I gave him…?


Not occupying myself with him leaves me feeling ‘too’ free.

Maybe that feels bad because I was left to my own devices when I was young and was aware of how alone I was —

Now I know I need my own structure/home, home base, in my mind, heart, and body.

I am allowed to take time to be sad.

I can restrict people’s access to me (I put G and my mom on ‘restricted’ status on FB.

The things I know…

  • G does not express regret for having hurt my feelings.
  • I have feelings but he acts like I don’t.
  • When I am going around him I am letting him believe something that is not true. When I am doing what he wants in order to fulfill his expectation or what shows that I love him, I am lying. But what am I lying about? If only I knew that.

What am I acting like that I don’t really want to act like?

  • I am acting like i want to wait.
  • I am acting like I will setting for just some time.

I have to want to celebrate myself. I have to know How to celebrate myself. I have to take the initiative and celebrate myself. Actually do it myself!!

I act like he cares about my feelings when he doesn’t show it. and when I have a hard time believing it. So, what do I do to override that need??

— So, that is a lot of jotting I have done… Probably as mind-boggling to wade through as it is to bring up inside and write down. Tiring.

Life is simpler, right?

But I know I am a feeling person…even if I try to drown it out with ‘thoughts’… Silly monkeys.


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