Things I Do

Things I Do For Approval (out of habit)

  • the dishes
  • the cleaning
  • some of my recovery work
  • school work
  • etc.

Things I Do For Self-Fulfillment

  • walk, hike, run in the park
  • basketball
  • golf
  • garden
  • bikeride
  • soccer
  • eat
  • writing in journal or blog

Being on my own I get to

  1. recharge
  2. take time to reflect
  3. get to know my own emotions (not only the reactive ones but the way I feel when I am not bracing for or riding along on someone else’s ups and downs
  4. do things I am actually interested in
  5. be more productive
  6. have more enjoyable relationships (they suit my own personal patterns)
  7. become more independent
  8. allow the job of making other people happy to be done by those other people.
  9. stop apologizing for things that are not my responsibility or my fault
  10. stop looking elsewhere for validation.

Thanks for the list


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