Affirmation Exercise – Practice :-)

From “My negative qualities” to “My affirmations”

– I am extra baggage. Helpful? No. because it makes me feel like I am an extension of someone else, that my ‘life’ is negatively dependent on someone else. It lets me feel like my existence somehow negatively affects someone else (primarily the people close to me) which makes me feel guilty. This belief also allows me to believe that I can not live a lovely, personally fulfilling and valuable life around other people. Affirmation: My life and life force are not the cause of anyone else’s suffering. My existence does not need and has never needed to survive trials and tribulations. I free myself from blame now and always. I have a lovely and fulfilling life, when I am alone, and when I am with others.
– I am not something my mother wants to see when she wakes up in the morning. Helpful? No, because it means that I do not look forward to waking up in the morning. I do not look forward to people’s reactions to me. It makes me scared of people. It means that I doubt that anyone looks forward to seeing me. Affirmation: I am a miraculous presence. My light and life force shines strong. People experience me as light and positive energy.
– I am a pain the butt because my mother had to feed me and make sure that I did the human things…care for me. Helpful? No. because it makes me feel like caring for me is hard work, unnecessary work, taking attention and energy from other more important tasks. Taking care of me is a ‘task’. Affirmation: Taking care of me is my one and only pleasure in life. The things I do to take care of myself are the most pleasurable, fulfilling, rewarding, splendid, thrilling, enjoyable , gratifying, fun things I ever do.
– I am around only to fill in the gaps in others’ lives. Helpful? No. Because this thought makes me pay attention to everything and everyone around me, and that is exhausting and that eventually makes me physically sick. And I only have a limited understanding of what other people are missing. I am tired and I naturally fail at healing other people. Affirmation: I am brave enough to look at what I am missing in my life instead of others. I exist to learn how to come into and remain in contact with what is required for me to have a wonderful experience.

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