Messages All Over My House

I write a lot of notes on scraps of paper…and find them in the piles I have around the house:

My Values
no my supervisor’s

*My intuition is only right 100% of the time.

Why don’t I want to work on my thesis?
– nobody cares
– there’s not enough time
– I don’t like what I wrote

Why SHOULD I work on my thesis? (Why do I WANT to work on my thesis?)
– because I must if I want to complete it…

What is in between start and completion?

What would I LIKE to do?
– rush?
– but I have all the time in the world…! no outside constraints, no kids, no husband, no job…

Accepting and Receiving:
I am meant to have whatever comes to me. And what is required.
Everything I have is mine to experience.

Give myself an experience regardless of time.

I love myself unconditionally.

There are no “consequences” when I do what is in front of me, when I receive what I require…

Observe, learn, accommodate my own process. Always live with my own process at the forefront of my mind.

Celebrate my own gifts.

Love my emotions, let them flow in and out. Experience the felt sensations.

In the past I learned to hate my own process. By process i mean the changing reactionary, evolving feelings, thoughts, actions I have as I expereince life. I learned to hate it because it has seemed to hold me back in relationships where I have to conduct myself according to others’ pace, timelines, demands, etc. I was always struggling to get by, to get around my own process – the feelings I had, preferences, needs, likes – it always felt like my process was standing in the way.


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