Giving In Writing

From me.

I Love Writing Today. Yes, I Do.

i think this is one of the few ways I consciously share myself with the world.

I’m a perfectionist…unfortunately. So a part of me whispers before and after I write each entry here that I haven’t ‘gotten there yet’… I haven’t written the best entry, it hasn’t been said in the best words in the best order, with the best editing. And it won’t get the most readers or the best comments or reach people the deepest and make the most change…

All true.

I might want to accept that every entry I write does not start from the beginning or end at the end. None provide a three or four dimensional picture, in themselves, of a piece of life as we know it, from a perspective that everyone can identify with… Each is, and feels like a little clay figure – but constructed of words instead – that I…

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