Not To Be Silenced – The Truth Is Beautiful, No Matter How Painful It Was

I have not suffered through the violation and exploitation that many people have in my life. But I can tell you, that the efforts that people around me made to hide the truth and bury or silence my experience was just as, if not more painful than the experience of sexual assault. And incidents happened over and over again where I found people were caught in the insane loop of secrecy, fear, and shame.

Every time I read a story like this, every time I hear of another woman come forward about their experience with Bill Cosby, or with Jian Gomeshi, I see another potential piece of freedom. How bringing the horrible details of an assault can free the victim from shame, because… well, because THEY did not commit it. It was the perpetrator! The victim should be known for SURVIVING such a violent and violating experiencing, not for ‘being’ the violated.

Free the hearts, minds and spirits of the victims of sexual assault and the terrorizing and personal destruction that comes hand-in-hand with such things.

Set the stories free and set the victims free.

Set them free.


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