Ways to Release

I watched a couple of videos on the Sedona Method this morning. I have tried to get into it a little before, but the very first stage, of recognizing and ‘feeling’ the sensations in my body is a difficult one. And the short videos on Youtube are, of course, short. I feel rushed into asking the questions; Could I let go of that feeling? Would I let go of it? When? I don’t even make it as far as having really sat with the feeling for long enough to know what exactly I will be letting go of.

But I discovered a couple of important things though, that will help me out, until I find more instruction, guides. These are very, very important for me because I am like a scared child that doesn’t want to come out of the closet for fear of being quashed.

1) There are always techniques for visualizing feelings that can show me how to stay with them for a while. Visualizing opening a door or window to my feelings gave me an pretty much instant view of them. In color, texture, sound, temperature, etc, etc. With this I had something to ‘stay with’. Something to watch and get used to in a conscious way. And as I began to allow myself to stay with them, I could image what letting go of them would feel like. Other methods that were mentioned for ‘witnessing’ feelings were to a) imagine them as clouds passing by, or 2) as smoke flowing out from a chimney. I really appreciated the first way, but also liked the clouds method, as it would allow me to give the feelings a texture and density and color and temperature, etc etc.

2) The second thing I discovered that was helpful was that, letting go of feelings often feels impossible for me, because I think they are who I am. In order to facilitate or engineer this process of letting go of feelings I had to think of it in terms of letting go of the desire to DO SOMETHING about the feelings. If I think of it in these terms I can consider my reactions to having painful or stressful feelings or thoughts and write them down or maybe list them in my mind, and then ask myself if I can let go of DOING these things. Because I feel so guilty about doing things wrong in general, I have a hard time accepting that my feelings can go by the wayside, and that my reactions to painful feelings are actually not needed. But if I take some moments to reflect on my resistance to or effort towards the feelings I notice how much hard work it is and that the feelings are not, in fact the worst thing. My reactions to them are more burdensome. Asking myself if I could let go of doing anything about my feelings is like asking myself if I want to give myself less work to do. If I want to put myself through less aggravation.

So, I am closer to using the Sedona Method. If anyone has any useful tools or knows any more helpful videos, please pass them along…?

🙂 S


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