My Negative Imprint, My Life’s Purpose

How did I feel when each of my relationships ended?

Like death, like I was being punished, like I was being cast back because I didn’t have what it took, like I was being disposed of. Devastated, scourged, ravaged, wasted, harmed, picked over and abandoned, destroyed, harmed, defaced, taken apart, mutilated, pillaged, misused, ruined, desecrated, devoured, spit out, looted, stripped of value and beauty, wrecked, wreaked havoc of, demolished, trashed.

What are the opposites of these? (My Life Purpose is to learn to be:)

Built, awarded, protected, praised, esteemed, replenished, lauded, blessed, venerated, boosted, taken to good places by life, venerated, celebrated, raved about, valued, held in high regard, adored, cherished, delighted in, respected, marveled at, prized, taken pleasure in, commended, encouraged, sanctified, absolved, affirmed, glorified, honored, aggrandized, appreciated, endorsed, adulated, worshiped…

Try it here:
Thank you, Teal.

And next will be to think of the ways I already am these things.
And then to think of how I can do more of this.


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