To Grow Up

I need to grow up. I need to claim who I am and what I want and how I feel and act on those things.

Why haven’t I grown up already?
I think because I’ve been waiting for someone to show me what it is like to be the kind of grown-up I want to be. I think because I have been waiting for someone to be the kind of person that makes being a grown-up worth while. I have every excuse in the book.

I don’t want to be the grown up when everyone else acts like immature, oblivious pricks.

There’s another problem. I look for flaws in others.
Because I haven’t accepted that I have flaws.
Part of being a grown-up?

Well, what kind of adult do I want to be? What kind of adult can I be, from what I know?

I want to take responsibility for my actions.
I want to be clear about my thoughts and feelings with the people who deserve for me to share those things with them.
I want to know my strengths and weaknesses and live my life the best I can with those in mind and with the desire to become a better person all the time.
I want to be dependable.
I want people to respect me.


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