i am not responsible for other people’s reactions to my feelings.

I MUST have my own experience of things. 

It is not wrong to express my own emotional experience.

What I am scared of is: what people do with what I share with them. I developed a belief very young that other people can make my experience untrue. Their judgment of the feelings or thoughts I have is all that is left…

Sorting myself out of that feeling is like playing in fire. The inside of my chest and head burn as I think about it, as I try to look at that reality of mine. I have never lived independently of that fear, independently of other people’s power over my feelings and actions. I have never lived fully responsible for my own feelings and experiences. I am a powerful woman but I wouldn’t know it.


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  1. Victoria MacDonald

    One day at a time, by sharing with people who understand our experience fully, we hear a small inner voice cry out for recognition. I look in the mirror today and smile, because I am learning to follow my heart, feel my feelings, and do what is right for ME. We are no longer dependent on approval for survival. That’s an old story. All is well. My voice sings. If somebody remarks that I’m off key, I can choose to keep singing because it feels right. The judge and critic is free to choose to stop listening.

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