My Change

What do I need to do to become the person who:

1) couldn’t be offended by him?

2) couldn’t be trapped ?

3) couldn’t be used?

4) couldn’t be paralyzed by fear of being alone?

5) couldn’t think shit of myself?

5) couldn’t be bothered by him?

7) couldn’t be demeaned by him?

8) couldn’t feel alone because of him ?

9) can’t be made to feel like a policewoman of someone else’s actions?


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  1. What are you asking exactly? If you are in an abusive relationship baby the best thing to do is to leave him. Love should not hurt neither should it make you change or think about changing yourself. If I misunderstood your post I do apologize. If I didn’t I hope I can be of assistance to you.

    • Hi, thanks for you reading and commenting 🙂
      I’ve already left him. I was reading a step book and was practicing asking myself those questions so that I can conceive of how to feel different about myself, of how to think about who would I be or how would I feel if I was not affected by his (anyone’s) actions and words that have little to nothing to do with me.
      Have you ever gone through that transition?
      It is one thing to feel better because I feel different about him (ie not love him anymore or not care) but it is another to feel better because I have learned that it is not possible for those things to bother me because I feel astronomically better about MYSELF…

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