The world is my mirror.

I was watching a short video this morning, with Robert Holden, who is talking about mirror work and what he had learned from Louise hay. A Friend of mine also recommended this video and others that came along with it, because they give basic instructions on how to do mirror work.

I’ve been telling a friend of mine for months, about how uncomfortable it feels to do mirror work, to tell myself that I love myself. Face-to-face. I thinkThe feeling that comes up is that I should be very sparing about how nicely I speak to myself. I should be very sparing about how much I look at myself, how much attention I give to myself, how indulgent I am about doing or saying things that make me feel good.

So, after having started watching this Robert Holden video a couple of times before, I finally finished the whole video this morning. And he asks at the end that the watcher try doing mirror work for one minute, five Times a day, for seven days in a row. That’s five minutes a day, for one week.

So, I’m going to do it. Wish me luck. For five times a day, I am going to challenge my ingrained feeling that I have to be sparing about how much I care for myself, and about how much I can be cared for.

Have a look at this first video if you like. I’ll check back in about how it’s going for me, and insert the links to other videos, the next ones. If you try, and don’t mind sharing how it makes you feel, please share. If you’re and a vid mirror worker, don’t hesitate to share some of the obstacles you encountered. And got past.

Thanks for reading!


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