Beautiful you journal number nine: consider what your words are really saying

When I’m laying in bed in the morning and I want to get up her telling myself something that lets me stay in bed. I’m telling myself things like;
– you’re never going to get it all done;
– you don’t have the time to finish it;
– you have wasted too much time
– you work much too slowly to be able to accomplish all of that today

What am I really seeing? To myself?
I’m saying that I’m fed up with myself, but I’m discouraged with myself, but I don’t have faith in myself, I’m not encouraging myself.i’m exasperated with myself. And looking down on myself. I’m looking down on the work.i’m doubting myself. I am being pessimistic. I am pulling myself. I am discouraging myself.

I am not a good support. I am a lazy support myself. I don’t have faith in myself.I react to myself like John reacted to me. Disappointed. Condescending.I act like I’m useless.


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