First love letter to me.

I know I don’t pay attention to you as much as you need me to. I know I expect too much of you. I know I don’t give enough consideration to what you like to do,how you like to spend your time, what you’re scared of, the fact that you like good surprises. I can think about how to improve, I’m capable of thinking of ways to improve. But I’m sorry I haven’t acted. i’m sorry I haven’t made bigger changes faster. I want you to feel relaxed when you go to bed. I want you to feel welcome when you wake up. I want you to have things to look forward to every day. I want you to know thati’ll do things and hang out with people that will give you things to be excitedabout, not nervous about.
I do love you. You’re very important to me. Your peace of mind is very important to me. Your health is important to me. That you find someone to love and who will love you is important to me. Your broken heart pains me. Your worries worried me. If you fears scare me. I will do better. I’ll find more courage. You will know that I’m here for you. You’ll know that you are heard. You will know that someone understands.


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