Tidbits of Support or Advice I Have Jotted Down For Myself On Scraps of Paper

* Stay away from alcoholic Ex because of the happiness you want to feel, not solely because of the hurt that kills you if you don’t.

* No need to feel guilty for living a simple, drama-free life

* When I am feeling anxious and can not identify why, I think I may feel guilt for not participating in the world as I am required under my own circumstances (work, recovery, fun, etc.)

* I can share very mundane things that made me feel ups and downs during the week. What important happened to me this week?

* It’s ok to want to be happy.

* It’s ok to be happy.

* Everyday.

* It’s ok to be scared…

* It’s ok to feel traumatized.

* It’s ok to feel everything that I am feeling.


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Posted on May 14, 2014, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. “It’s OK…” has become my newly discovered mantra preamble. Now I just have to believe it. XO, D

    • Even easier… You don’t have to believe it. You just have to WANT to believe it. Even less pressure 🙂
      Trudge on you Goddess you.
      And thank you for dropping in sharing.

      • Hehe thanks!

        “You just have to WANT to believe it.” hmmmm…this is where I get stuck. Yes, intellectually I want to believe it. My emotions (or something) get in the way. Still working…

      • I think I know how you feel. In my mind, the crap expériences fuel our aversion to ‘letting ‘things be ‘good’. No problem though. You are already there if you are willing to believe. You are already there. The fear of the bad is convincing you to still ‘work’ at it, only trying to distract you from the fact that you are already there!
        Willing = you have arrived. Xo

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