Forgiveness and Gratitude

today I forgive myself for
– isolating myself in my work
– the scary thoughts I had this morning
– not freeing myself from my ‘controller’ to “have fun”
– letting myself believe negative things about myself that I only THINK someone else thinks about me
– letting myself think I am desperate for love
– not giving myself a loving adventurous wake-up
– not prying and meditating for a substantial amount of time.
– not exploring my capability to love and physically challenge myself as much as I would like.

And I thank myself for:
– taking me to yoga today
– making my yoga practice my own in a crowded room…almost uncomfortably close to others
– feeling myself so well…toasted lettuce tomato and cheese sandwich X2! And bacon and eggs with oven roasted potatoes, and Chocolate soy milk…and a blueberry and banana and cranberry smoothie.
– thank you for having faith in others being a loving part of my life, being able to help me…
Thank you for the pair of dancing shoes.
Thank you for taking me out to exercise.
Thank you for thinking of me…
Thank you for putting me I. Touch with my higher power.


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