Your Values Are Always Your Guide

Wow, thank you for sharing such a nice little self-reflection exercise. It’s so nice to expand horizons by being reminded how it is possible from day to day. I have a huge desire to learn how to be my own guide, in my connection with my higher power… If I don’t get to 10 I’ll be back…

Here is an attempt to identify (10) of my own values:

1) Honesty: self-acceptance of the gamut that I am…leading to acceptance of others

2) Learning: about self and about how to be in the world, throughout my entire life…

3) Connecting with nature: recognizing the interdependencies…

4) Participating in life; Contributing good and caring parts of me to others’ lives

5) Moderation: enjoying everything only in terms of what I need – no need to ‘chase’ excess.

6) Humility: recognizing the minute piece of the universe that I am.

7) Keeping connection (that genuinely suits me) with family and friends and always nurturing these connections.

8) Abundance: feeling the abundance in what I already have in my life.

9) Compassion: dropping regret and resentment from my ‘to-do list’ whenever possible, as SOON as possible– finding an appreciation for emotion and human fragility…as beautiful indications that we need to care more instead of dwelling on it as weakness or fault or fallibility.



Wonder what your values are? The answer lies in your desires and what you enjoy doing most.

I used to think values had more to do with morals than they did with desires. Values are what guide us towards what we truly want for our lives.

Each of us have values that are exclusively unique to our selves. If we are constantly doing things to sabotage or dim our values, we find ourselves in constant resistance to alignment with our Spirit.

When we dissect an area of our life, we should know what we value and always ask if what we are about to say or do is in alignment with our unique values. Our values are the key to our life’s purpose and the foundation to our eternal peace and knowing. Our values are divinely contracted by God to each of us, so we can live the best life we can and be the vessels of God’s purpose.

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  1. It made me smile wide today to read your values list – thank you for joining me in identifying what’s most worthy of our attention in this life. You had values that I’d like to add to my own list! Like #3 – Connecting with Nature and really all of them. Your values resonated with me because I could feel and tell they were from your Spirit and in alignment with who you are. It’s fun and gratifying looking at our values, the things that are intrinsically apart of us. Thanks so much for sharing and I look forward to seeing your values unfold right before our eyes.

    Highest Regards,

    • I love the idea that we all share intrinsic things that are so close to our own personal individual happiness. How comforting that we can find such personal inspiration and realization in such, allegedly impersonal places… 🙂
      Very Warm Regards to you, Kim

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