Even Though…

I am sitting at home working on my chapter 6 instead of being with G because:

– my thesis is my job right now, and it is urgent that I finish

– what is best for me is to be around people who are sensitive and supportive

– calling or going to see G is the behavior of a codependent addict…and if he is the substance, I am choosing to not drink.

– he just wants me around as long as I fit in with his drinking alcoholic life

– i deserve better than lies and dismissal and…

– i am a good person, even if I don’t know it yet, and I don’t act like a good person when I am around G.

Even though I am caving in inside. I am at home, writing chapter 6, holding onto my plans to finish, my hopes of being successful someday, my plans for easter tomorrow, my hopes to teach yoga soon…my hopes of feeling that my life is my own and that I do not have to wait for any catastrophe or miracle in order for my life to begin and grow and bring me happiness.


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  1. Sometimes, we deserve a medal just for sitting on our hands. I know just how hard this can be sometimes and I am proud of you. 🙂

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