Who am I ?

I don’t know…

T Brach says that if we think about our ego self we may think of ourselves as a bunch of ocean waves. But our ego self is not all of who we are. Our ego is the waves, we are the ocean…


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  1. I really like that quote. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

  2. You’re welcome!
    I think it is a nice analogy that might help me to imagine what I am ‘made of’. If the waves are only my ego, and i am a vast fresh, rich deep ocean…what do I find when I dive deep, under the waves? in that silence with only muffled sounds from the outsie… I am getting desperate these last few days for some reason…to know what I am made of. There must be some things that I want to be around, when I am the only person around…
    You know when you dive deep, and you can feel the whole ocean moving you back and forth, and you can’t even see as far as you thought, and you can feel the water pressure against your body, pushing on you from the outside in, and the buoyancy pushes against you towards the surface… I wonder what those forces are in me… I wonder what the forces are in me? What is it like to dive in my ocean (what is that from? lyrics from an Annie Lennox song…

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