My Good (Re)Parent

How are you Shantelle? How are you feeling about going to dance class Shantelle? Are you scared? Are you excited? Are you nervous? Are you looking forward to it?

Hi (Mom). Yes, scared. Scared I will look awkward, messy, mechanical. Maybe even ugly. Scared someone will look at me with disapproval. Like J (Dad) did when I didn’t ‘do something right’… But I am excited, hopeful about the chance to learn something new, use my body, enjoy some interaction with people.

Parent: I understand how you can be scared of not looking like a ‘great dancer’, S. This may only be the 2nd time you have taken a lesson! And I understand how distracting bad memories of insensitive and mean reactions can ride along with you to events that are important to you, events where you want to relax and have fun and feel good and maybe even beautiful. Wonderful Shantelle, you are love and beauty and courage and grace inside. Let that out at dance class. Your desire to enjoy learning to dance is much more important than the possibility of others not appreciating your efforts.
Enjoy learning. Take your time. Take your time to learn it like you need to. Feel your beauty in your anticipation of learning a new talent.
Good luck and have fun 🙂



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  1. Simply sweet and loving. Even though you and I might not have gotten the type of parenting we wanted/needed, we can now appreciate what that good parenting looks like…in fact, we can even practice those skills with others – right now! I recognized a lot of the supportive comments and appreciative points that I use with my sons regularly.

    Such things are encouraging, I think.

    • Thank you for the read and the feedback. I felt like a fish out of water writing that…but kept my positive vision in mind. I didnt know how kind I sounded, an when you’re not used to thinking that way towards yourself it can feel/sound contrived… Thanks for showing me I’m on the right track.
      I can only imagine how it must feel to be sharing such soft kindnesses with your sons. Nice to think about.

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