Ho-Ly Crap!!!!!

I’m reading…and I come across this absolutely stupendous way of looking at things…

One of the goals of meditating is to get comfortable with the world the way it is, to accept oneself an others the way they are… One of the approaches to doing that is facing people or things you don’t like in the safe context of meditation.

“[…] bring to mind someone or something you don’t like. Don’t judge what you feel. Give yourself complete permission to feel it. […] letting go of judgments and justifications will let you experience a certain degree of openness and clarity.
The next step is to admit to yourself that whatever you are feeling–anger, resentment, jealousy or desire–is in itself the source of whatever pain or discomfort you are feeling. The object of your feeling isn’t the source of your pain, but rather your own mentally generated response to whomever or whatever you’re focusing on” (Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche 2007: 185).

Like, wow…!
How many different ways did I have to hear/read that before I read/heard it this way and it became an amazing gift…


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  1. Great post. I generally don’t have trouble feeling the emotion, reigning it back in on the other hand is a bit difficult. This helps.

    • Thanks for sharing this.
      This part is about putting ourself in the place of the hurtful person, empathizing…: recognizing how they are talking or doing things from a hurt place… And I find trying to see that excruciating most times, with one or two people in particular whom i have most felt hurt by… I think because it feels like I’m abandoning my feelings when I think of theirs…

  2. Yes, Mingyur Rinpoche has a way of extracting the teachings in a way that makes them truly beneficial in a way that one can use in one’s day to day life.

    • I find his descriptions very user friendly, but not dumbed down so that I don’t feel like I am really learning about meditation. He is helping me learn that it is not meditation that is complex, it is the knots that my thoughts are tying my mind into that are… And meditation is a place and time in which those knots can loosen and relax…

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