Do unto self as what I do for others

Thank you for sharing this path you are forging :/)


I’m reading that this solstice, it is possible for emotions to run high and my mind goes to past experience when I gave into my anger. Oh judgement! At this point, I remember asking others for forgiveness, yet the biggest recipient of forgiveness is really myself. Apparently, I have not forgiven myself (until now) for allowing my emotions to take over in the past. Now as I have just learned to forgive myself (again), I remember crisis moments when I stayed calm and when moments of insanity, I was able to encourage others and help them to see the light that is in them and to move along.

I have moments of triumph and I wash myself through God’s love and my new found self-love to remove all self-judgements, self-induced toxicity and self-hate that I had learned to do. Do unto others what I want others to do to me.

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