Sunny Day

It was a beautiful sunny day today.

Went for a walk in the park – took my friend’s dog. Then worked on a chapter for a while. Started to have a stomach pain from anxiety until…

An ever-so-generous friend made dinner for the two of us this evening. And then she read my Tarot cards. The entire reading was an amazing representation of my life at the moment.

– tumultuous emotions ruling my days and action, and inaction

– I am sporadically and defensively swinging my figurative sword around in reaction to things I am only afraid might be coming at me, not what actually is

– I am dealing with a past in which I began anew over and over without being clear on what I wanted for my life in the short term or the long

– At present I have established and protected my material life (i.e. home, job, food, car, clothing, school…) and now am on the cusp of beginning to establish my spiritual life.

– I must take courage and love and venture inside my spiritual self, go inside myself and listen and care and pray and enjoy.

– I have gained knowledge and seem to continue on that road. I now can rely on my imagination, my hopes and dreams; give more time and space to my spirit – grow it and allow it to be an abundant part of me

– I am bound for abundance; but my road to abundance will require my patience and tenderness – attention to when I need guidance, when I need a kick in the butt, when I need to let things happen, when I need a tender companion. Me.



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