Help With The Debilitating Obsessive Thinking

When I am obsessing about G, wanting him to stop hurting me, wanting to stop trying to stop him from hurting me, I am trying to escape the fear. Thinking is a way of trying to control being hurt. When I feel helpless to DO anything about it, I obsessively THINK about it.

Listen to the energies behind my obsessive thinking. Respond to what needs attention.

(See “True Refuge” chapter 7)

I am trying not to be hurt, I am scared of being hurt. I feel like I will not be able to avoid boring hurt. I feel helpless to avoid being hurt so badly.

I am trying to not be put in a position of giving of myself and receiving too little or no caring in return. I am scared of being used and depleted. I am scared of being deceived.

My fear of being hurt over and over again needs attention. How do I respond?

1) Recognize exactly what I am obsessively thinking about
2) Allow the feelings
3) Investigate the location, sensation, characteristics if the feelings.
4) Non-identification: remember those feelings are not all of who I am.

And then maybe I will be anole to decide on what exactly I should do. And execute.

Keep my distance.
Keep myself out of situations where I am actually giving of myself to G (or others).
Keep myself away from situations where I experience apathy from him (or others).


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