Ok. So it is time to Decide to Serve a higher Purpose. Not my own.

Understanding what that means is a challenge for anyone with an Ego. I would like to practice distinguishing my own selfish, self-absorbed purposes from the purpose(s) for which I am here.

I think right now it will be easier to pin down the former, because I am recognizing more and more how I am spinning my wheels.

Morning, I wake up asking, “why is he still not doing something to be with me?”
– my purpose is not to wait for him, not to help him when he doesn’t want help, not to convince him that he will “be happier if…”

I work on a dissertation and have no idea how that is part of my higher purpose. Getting a phd is not a “higher purpose”. Getting smarter is not a higher purpose either. If I could figure out what it will help me give to the world then maybe…

– managing and cleaning and sorting and organizing, and putting out a good impression and problem solving and figuring out and explaining are not higher purposes…

– resisting the bad is not a higher purpose…staying “strong” and low-maintenance is not a higher purpose.

What is a higher purpose…and how do we know of what we are doing is in service of that?


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  1. Don’t overthink it or get caught up in semantics. A higher purpose can sometimes just be doing the next right thing. Best to you.

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