Therapy Appointment Today

I went in wanting to say
1) that I’ve had some insight into my own anger: I don’t have or use outlets so that I can help myself feel better.
2) although I know I have been working hard on my self-care, growth and recovery, I feel exhausted and depleted. The one positive thing I honestly have to say is not about how far I have come, but rather, “yay, I have not given up :-)!!!”
3) I have been ‘hiding out’ with my dissertation, not going to the office, not talking to my supervisor in the last few weeks. I feel stuck and ashamed and alone about that. Don’t know how to undo or fix that and want to stop criticizing myself for ‘hiding out’.
4) started group therapy two Tuesdays ago. I noticed the protective mechanisms in my attendance at the meetings… And my expectations…

Result of therapy session:
– I am “working” at everything.
– I am lonely and still isolating myself
– I can give myself outlets for anger, give myself opportunities for socializing with kind people.
– I don’t know how. No one can tell me how. But I can.


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