It takes some time to notice how much I need. What I need. That I am a being with needs for help and kindness and contact and easy exchange and guidance.

I haven’t arrived there yet, I know, because when my spirit tells me that I really feel like a meeting today or a group guided meditation the ego voice cuts in…squeaks in an annoying tone, that “it is a waste of your time!! It is for pansies!! It is to self endulgent, who do you think you are…what about listening to my whining, you won’t have time for that?!”

I do chuckle somewhat at that voice now, because I am beginning to learn the pleasure that self care, self respect and self love provides me with.

But my actions must remain and become always more a conscious choice. I must listen to and understand and have compassion for that sad, angry voice in order to not be afraid of it and deprive myself…



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