Surprise, I DO Take Care of Shantelle…

I arrived at the office today, on the way having felt like I am getting sick and should have stayed in bed. I set myself up do some little things to get comfy before starting on my edits on my chapter, and I realize I am really getting a headache. I check my desk drawer with the remote thought that I left myself some ibuprofen recently. No ibuprofen bottle, but a little square can from some of my favorite candies. I pick it up and something shakes inside. Open. It is ibuprofen! Surprise! I left myself a pain-relieving present in a happy little decorative can! Damn, I am good. I DO look out for myself here and there.

This little discovery inspired me to write a few more things down that I have done for myself in the past 24 hours.

– put myself in bed at 10pm last night, and took something to help me sleep before that.

– made myself a great whole oats breakfast yesterday, and then made myself a super-delicious quinoa mix in acorn squash for dinner. I was so full after stuffing my lone face with that that I couldn’t even lay down comfortably.

– I let myself watch a movie last night when I felt I was getting too tired to think.

– I gave myself 15 mins of good meditation time yesterday morning.

– I have been reading “The Joy of Living: Unlocking the Secret and Science of Happiness” every night before I go to sleep. (I don’t ever read for pleasure before bed…)

– I gave myself time.

– I have not let myself do laundry in procrastination.

– I dressed up very nice for my friend’s wedding party the other day.

– I gave myself warmth and comfort before going to school today. And brought myself a great lunch.


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  1. Hooray! We are learning similar things in life!

    Planning meals has become a big thing for me because my diet was severely narrowed because of a recent Celiac flare-up. I eat nothing but great food but I really miss quinoa. [sad panda] No sugar, no grains. For now anyway. Healing my head apparently involves healing my gut. The literature consistently seems to suggest a connection [dah!]. I feel great but only because part of my self-care has been to plan lunches to take with me when I’m on campus for like 15 hours. erg. Carrying my meals in cute little containers [no, not a Disney Princess lunchbox, looking for elegant here…] that contain small portions of good things in a variety of colors and textures is satisfying. I’m not doing it to impress anyone else but myself.

    Wow! I have no idea why it’s taken us this long to have fun this way but I’m glad we’re doing good things for ourselves. It’s contagious man, I’m telling ya!

    Carry on! Sally forth! Persist!

    • LoL. Would absolutely love to see your lunch boxes 🙂
      I’m a “bento” fanatic, actually. I haven’t had the time lately to REALLY’pimp’ up my lunch boxes, but the variety, colour, and packing of my lunches/dinners for the office really tickle me…hehe. Dare I say that health (including emotional) issues can be a blessing…muwaahaah…when they demand exquisite sustenance.
      Nice that you’re feeling great, D.
      I am quite surprised every time I realize (which is over and over) how prominent food has been in my self-care. Other efforts go by the wayside but food… I mean I’m learning that I’m an all-or-nothing kind of person…and when it’s ALL food, its ALL food…
      Munch on fellow Bliss-seeker

      • Dude! Bentos! Love the bentos! I killed two of the 4 lids to my Mr. Bento last week. Death by microwave. For someone with a PhD in a technology field I can be pretty dense. LOL!

        You’re so right on the mixed blessing.

        My next goal is to try to do a better job with my pedicure. I’ve proven over and over that I can do a shitty job for free. Time to get serious. ha!

        Munch on…ha! Awesome!

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