Shantelle Self Care

Marked all day: went to the museum this evening, bought myself dinner, had a good bikeride on the way.

Marked all day: went to the office after the museum to mark another pile of papers to make things a little easier on myself tomorrow. Discovered how sleepy I was and paid attention to that. Stopped marking halfway through the pile and reminded myself to go home instead (bike part of the way and train the rest because I’m tired.)

Had a terrible sleep last night: Now reminding myself to get home not to late so I can fall asleep asap. Also reminded myself to stretch and do bedtime routine so that I feel taken-care of and can relax before sleep.

Wrote letter to ex early this morning asking he not call me until he ‘really’ is “stone cold sober and staying that way” because I deserve commitment, loyalty like I give in our relationship. I got a call and a text but have had the gumption this far not to answer (Don’t know how long I can hold out).

Noticing the ‘lighter air’ when I make a decision to control my own life and not let it be bent around his drinking schedule or resentful, insensitive and narrow-minded responses to my expressions of feelings and needs.


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