Thanksgiving (Weekend) Retreat for Little Shantelle

This weekend had good timing. I submitted a couple of chapter drafts yesterday and had myself a little (Big) calamity in the past couple of days, and it is time for a break, some inward attention, and some self-care.

I can’t afford a real retreat like I took last year, but I can certainly devise one for myself. There are plenty of places to walk and bike and things to eat and do in this city.

If I were suggesting the same idea to someone else, what would I think of? It is always my goal to please someone else so much… Little Shantelle should benefit from all of that effort and thought.

Should my retreat be silent?
How many things should I plan to do?
Should I exclude certain activities?
Should they all be outside activities?
What is my goal? What do I want to get out of this retreat?
Plan the start and completion.

1) walk one or two of the streets I have meant to explore for a long time. Spend an entire morning or afternoon.
2) walk along the water for a full few hours and stop and meditate before and after the walk.
3) put together my own picnic in the park and sit and read and meditate for hours.
4) bike along the water for a few hours, give myself the gift of a old meal at the midway point, before I turn back to come home.
5) sit somewhere beautiful I have not sat before.
6) come up with my own list of affirmations
7) do nothing for longer periods of time than I am used to
8) do relaxing yoga, essentrics, stretching at least twice each day
9) list the things I most want to eat

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