Who do I meet When I Meditate?

Today, while listening to a helpful intro to meditation I came to a room in my mind. THE room of my mind.

My sentinel stands (as) the west wall of my room right now. I sit at the north end of the room looking straight towards the back of the room. I don’t like to look straight at the sentinel. He/She stands the strongest I can imagine, black and dusty like charcoal, with scrapes and marks on his/her surface, holding up that end of the room so that the whole ceiling does not collapse.

I can also feel “The Errand-Girl”. She is near me but stays just on the border of my peripheral vision to my right. Ready to get up at any moment, doesn’t want recognition out of fear but…at beck-and-call.

There is also ‘little Shantelle, who is making herself small and quiet, to my left side, under the blanket I have around my torso. Close enough for me to touch.

This room is my breath. It is there if I let my breath…


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