Therapy baby Steps

Therapy today:
Clearly got out of me what has been going on.
Is therapy a place to cry?
Is therapy a place to inventory?
Is therapy a place to feel pressure?
What is therapy?
My time. A place to practice feeling fine with how I am. A place to ‘figure things out’?
I think therapy had been involuntarily an intellectual project for me before. But I want it to transform for me into practice for having confidence that the world will help me and not just take me down.
Practice for using the world as a resource, not just trying to survive it.

So I was as honest as I could be. I found I was hitting a lot of soft spots down deep today. How wonderful that I cried a number of times and am proud of that. The more I cry, the more I get to the bottom of that bucket of tears I’ve saved up. And the more I discover those things that are really true about how I feel an what has affected me.

Way to go on the journey to me(1), girl! Feel the wind on your face and the ground under your feet pushing you along.

I love myself…

(1)Expression credited to DharmaGoddess.


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