What She Says – Fighting the Voices

The voice when I think about getting up and doing Yoga (which once I do it makes me feel like I am traveling back to myself)

– “silly girl, thinks she can make something of herself”

– “you are too stupid to look good”

– “Just try to feel good, go ahead. who do you think you are?”

– “you waste your time. you are not doing what you need to do for anybody else”

– “you think you’re so smart, in such good shape, such a good person”

– “I will make Yoga hurt”

– “I will make you suffer through every moment of loving yourself”

– “I will tell on you, that you think you deserve more than other people”

– “you are a self-absorbed girl”

– “you are arrogant”

– “you only LOOK good. YOu are not REALLY good.”

– “you will run out of energy, confidence, real-ness. You are not REALLY a yoga person.”

– “you are trying to show people up”

– “you can only get so far before you quit”

– “doing yoga doesn’t say you are anything”

My inner Shantelle heard all of this. Was treated like all of this.

She is so angry about it, and throws it in my face.

I haven’t saved her from it yet.


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