Brace Myself – More Withdrawal on the Way

What does one do during withdrawal?

Care for it.

Make things easy and simple on myself.


Love myself and remind myself that I do.





Eat well.

Listen to kind words and voices.

Don’t let myself be alone all the time.

Sit in the sun.

Get out on the water.

Feel the night air



It’s not true that I am weak. I am just a human being. Hurt feelings hurt. Love mistakes hurt.  Addiction hurts. Denial hurts.

Spirits heal but it is a process, painful like open wounds.

It is not true that I am too weak. It is not true that I need him.

I am helping myself to run the other way.

Having learned that other people need me to be in denial with them to heal is a difficult thing to overcome.

Relearning how to love is excruciating.

Peace comes from finding my own, not someone else’s.

Setting myself free from the ‘pen’ I’ve kept myself in is a shocking experience…scary, uncomfortable…

For a human being. We are fragile, powerful in our hurt and our love.

Beautifully fragile.

Ask to be treated gently. Treat yourself gently.

And then that is all you will feel.


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