Write Down Your Dreams

I was told a couple of years ago to write down my dreams. I didn’t understand until recently what they meant, but I think I know now. These appear to be affirmations, and I guess they are, but they are also my dreams. The things I dream for myself:

I can enjoy beautiful weather, I can let it make me happy. I can let myself be happy.

I can focus on writing today.

I can take ownership of my work.

I can wake up in the morning and be motivated and excited to do the things to care about myself to start my day. I can wake up loving myself. I can wake up loved.

I am thought of by my loved one.

My loved one wants to surprise me because they know I love surprises.

I enjoy moments, in the moment.

I finish my thesis. I feel the accomplishment.

I know my fulfillment, what inspires me.

I discover an occupation that I do from my heart, that I am not afraid to put my whole self into, that I can build on forever.

I love from my heart.

I discover my heart.

I radiate contentment, eager anticipation, heartfelt motivation.

I am at ease, safe, happy, comfortable with my loved one.

I act on my honest feelings.

I have a clean, airy, sunny, home.

I have enough of everything that I need.

I share my fortune in life.

Thank You

p.s. I never could have thought of let alone written these things down a year ago…
I have come a long way.


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