August 8 Gratitude

Thank you higher Power

– for watching over me, watching me make mistakes and standing by allowing me to outlive those mistakes
– thank you for the safe drive out of the city this past week and the opportunity to go camping and spend time with friends.
– thank you for a body that takes care of me, takes nourishment, even if it is not always the best nourishment, and wakes up in the morning no matter how tired and gets me through the next day. – Thank you For a safe drive home
– thank you for fresh local vegetables and fruit.
– thank you for a car that gets me to beautiful, quiet and safe places and then back home again.
– thank you for a smooth and quick path to the Drs. appointment I was late for this morning.
– thank you so much for all of these additional weeks days and moments…all of these opportunities to make changes,to find myself, to face my fears, to search for and learn to express love
– thank you for allowing me to be an emotional being anew.
– thank you for watching over me as I faulter and as I rise up

I hope I am getting closer to you.


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  1. What a wonderful grat list…beautiful and connected and touching. That first one is the one that I should remember. Thank you for sharing this. I need to get in touch more like this with my HP.


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