Stop Scaring Myself!

When you wake up in the morning you don’t have to scare me about getting up. The day will not feel like death because G hasn’t called. There is not a black hole I will fall into as I attack the endless slough of teaching and thesis work I have on my plate. I will not make mistakes every step I take today. People won’t be angry with me everywhere. My mother is in Arabia so she can’t show up at my door and insert herself into my life. I will give myself plenty of good treatment today: yoga, essentrics, meditation, insightful readings, delicious and healthy food. I will smile at a couple of things, enjoy moments, offer a kind gesture or two, try to find ways to stay relaxed all day. I will keep on working on changing my life so that none of it feels scary anymore.


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Posted on March 16, 2013, in 12-step, Addiction, Adult Children, codependence, emotional abuse, emotional sobriety, Relationship, Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Those sound like healthy, important and gentle things to be doing for oneself. The kind gestures are really the things that make my day – getting out of my own self. And they make me feel good as well. Smile…keep smiling!

    Lovely post – made *me* smile!


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